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Automated Restore Testing
for Tivoli Storage Manager

Operations Room

ART not only boosts reliability,

it uncovers lots of waste storage, too.

Maybe you don't need a bigger library yet.


 How it works    ART tests restores, not backups.

30% of disaster recovery attempts fail (Gartner Group).  Your backups may all "succeed",  yet be unusable, for a dozen different reasons.  Want automatic testing of restorability?  

Clean the Junk  ART finds wasted storage.    

Suppose your 500 Terabytes of backup storage suddenly shrank to 300 Terabytes.  Could you postpone the expensive hardware upgrade you're considering?

       Pricing        ART is affordable.   

We think every TSM site ought to think in terms of recovery, not backup.  So we made ART affordable, starting at $3,500 for 100 clients.  With a free trial, of course.

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